My name is Benji Freeman, and I am a student in the Visual Arts program at Princeton. This website holds the record of my Senior Thesis show. Throughout this year, I have found photography to inadequately convey internal mental states, especially when human subjects could not be safely photographed. I have chosen to lean into the disorder of this year, and I have indulged in my difficulty with holding onto a coherent artistic thread. In this show, I explore the intersecting modalities of image, text, sounds (synthesized and gathered), and line. I still employ the logic of photography (projection being its optical inverse) to interfere with the ordinarily-clean transition between semantics, symbol, and word, in an attempt to mimic an incomprehensible signaling landscape. 


              Two hands on polyethylene dropcloths,
              rigged from the ceiling



            one of a pair of etched (and sketched) words





                                                    one word spills out, whispered from space itself

   ... mylar sheets, stretched over buckets and vibrated by an outraged voice, serve as reflectors ... 


a mirror slices off a section of projection ...

... the resulting text scrolls across burlap, plywood, steel, and wood


Objects of daily life held in suspense,                   
ropes crisscrossing and draped across the space,
with a creeping outgrowth of light

a day later, it’s all gone



... what’s this?

tucked out of sight, there is a pile of photographs...

...i wonder what these are doing here